Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Little Things That Make a Difference

Little Things That Make a Huge Difference
I recently had a great opportunity to purchase a huge amount of cotton fabric for quilting. I have a friend that is acquainted with a woman that does estate sales. My friend knew I was in to quilting and sewing and let me in on the fact that there was an estate sale coming up in her neighborhood. Since all the friendships were close, I had an opportunity to view the fabrics prior to the sale and I purchased all of them and several quilting notions too. It was held in the home of the deceased lady. As I walked through the home looking at everything being tagged I could not help but feel very sad and I was humbled by it all. It is sad to see a human’s life in front of you and realize it means nothing to anyone except getting a good bargain. I did just that. I looked and touched the many projects this dear lady had left unfinished and even purchased a few of them. I have often wondered as I have looked at the things in my home if they will end up at Goodwill or in a garage sale or a thrift store, because they are not really important to anyone except me. I realize that things are not the important items in life but I did get a different view as I walked through the ladies home. This house and all the beautiful things were part of her life. I am sure that her quilting and needlework had touched many lives over the years. I left with my new treasures loading down my Explorer and drove from Gilbert back into Phoenix. It was a week or so before I even looked in the many boxes to organize the new items into my own material stash. Later after the estate sale ended there had been several things in the quilting area that had not sold and my friend delivered them to me. Some of these items told such stories of what a productive life the woman had led. I was more humbled than before. I began to wonder if I could match her in any way, if my skills would meet with her approval. I had spent a great deal of time wondering about her. In the new items that my friend delivered to me was a Church Directory from 1979 and I thumbed through it to see if Virginia Warren’s picture was there. It was and she was an older woman in that picture with her husband. Buy looking at the age she was then my guess is that she was in her nineties when she passed away. It was a Salvation Army Congregation. This also told me something about her and her husband. They were very giving people and obviously they received a lot in return.  I kept that Church Directory and someday when my things are gone through someone will wonder what in the world that it is for. They will never realize it was from one of the most humbling experiences of my life. Now my work is cut out for me and I feel I have a new guardian angle on my shoulder and that maybe I will become a much better quilter than I am. Thank you Virginia for sharing your life with me!  I will write an article for our American Sewing Guild Newsletter and honor your passing because I am sure you are missed. I wish I had known you.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Maybe the Chinese are Correct!

Maybe the Chinese are correct!

I sure am glad I found this article. It makes me feel better about the things I have found over the years in my refrigerator. I must admit that upon cleaning the vegetable drawer I have located a few things that might qualify them for an archaeological site. This is an interesting little article on a 4000-Year-Old Noodle Dish Found in China. So just maybe Marco Polo did take noodles back to Italy after his travels. Just something a little off the wall to keep our little minds busy.

Monday, October 10, 2005

What Part of Illegal Don’t People Understand?

The day Labor problem is one that needs to be addressed. These day laborers are in this country illegally and should not be given any kind of special treatment except a trip to the closest immigration office. The only pick ups these people should be getting is picked up by an immigration bus and taken back across the border they came into this country by. I am sick to death of going to the home depot to pick something up and having them step out at my car trying to get me to take them home with me to do some day labor. Now a Los Angeles City councilman has proposed requiring all new large home-improvement stores to build shelters that would provide day laborers with basic amenities like toilets and drinking water. EXCUSE ME! When are we going to do that for the homeless in this country that are US Citizens? I am sorry, this makes me sick. These people are in this country illegally and the citizens that pay taxes in this country should not have their tax money going to pay to take care of an illegal immigrant. We have enough people that are citizes of this country that need help. I guess I just do not understand why we should be helping illigals instead of helping the people that belong here. In Austin, Texas there are several groups pressing Home Depot to stop threatening day laborers and allow a grassy lot behind one store to be used as a place for them to congregate. An illegal from Nicaragua was standing out side the Home Depot and stated “They’re violating our rights by kicking us away” Well guess what Mr. Illegal from Nicaragua you have not rights in the USA. If you want your rights looked after go back to your own country because that is the only country you have any rights in. What is it going to take to stop this?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Media's Mad Max Comedy Hour

I have not written anything recently and it has not been because there was nothing I thought needed saying. Sometimes when events are so very upsetting it is better to stand off and let oneself cool off before jumping on the band wagon. So much about the aftermath of the Katrina Hurricane upset me as it did many people in our country. This has not been a good year. As a matter of fact life has seemed a little surreal since 9/11. I think I even have a problem with putting a numerical tag on that tragedy. As Americans we have learned so much since then. At lest I hope we have. As a baby boomer I am a little skeptical about the future. Some of the things I have read and heard on what seems to be the MAD MAX Comedy hour of news reporting has done nothing more than shock me. That people in our country can be so stupid always amazes me. Everyone knows that if the government had sent in troops then the country would have been up in arms over STATES RIGHTS being violated. If those troops would have tried to enforce laws people would have been crying about Marshall LAW. Someone please tell me how any president of any country could be responsible for a Hurricane? Oh I understand the Global Warming Issue! The thing I do not understand is how anyone could possibly think it came on since President Bush was elected. I am sorry folks but it has been coming for a long time through many Presidents. This one we can not lay at the feet of the Democrats or the Republicans nor the right or left wing. We need to lay it just where it belongs and that is on all of our backs. We have been using and abusing our environment for decades and now we are going to have to address what we have done. I must say that I found something to laugh about on this very weird but interesting site. My since of humor was just off enough when I found this that I just had to laugh. I think is we can’t laugh about this we are in trouble or maybe the cheese has slipped completely off my cracker today. I do not want this to offend anyone. It is just my way of saying it is not wise to believe everything you read or hear.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Where are we headed?This has been a giant learning curve for our country. Yes some things went very wrong. We must take this opportunity to use this as a model to develop new and improved plans for every major city in this country. We as individuals should use it to help us decide what we need to have ready in our homes for a quick get away. Above all we need to realize that in a time of disaster via terrorist or a natural one, we must first count on ourselves and our resources to survive. Just as in time of fire in our homes we must have a plan on what to take and how to get out of the city. These things should be put in an accessible place in our homes and things like batteries should be replaced and kept fresh at all times. I am not panicked over this but I am now much more aware. 9/11 shook me awake and now this has given me more valuable information. I do not think we can afford to be complacent in our daily lives. We need to be prepared. One way to help be prepared is to be more active in our community. Our neighborhood association just recently sent out the information for the FEMA classes that are being offered in Phoenix.My husband and I have already signed up for them. I now have a strong need to know what to do and to be able to carry it out quickly. I was heated when I thought that New Orleans must not have had an adequate evacuation plan. I kept wondering why they had not loaded the people without transportation onto city buses and school buses to take them out of there. When I saw all of those school buses under water, I could not help but wonder why they were even still there. When I learned that the hospitals had not been evacuated, I was appalled. I kept sitting there looking at the TV and thinking how stupid it was. This was not FEMA’s fault. It was the lack of implementing a proper evacuation plan by the city and the state. I do feel FEMA could have moved a little faster. We as a nation have never faced a natural disaster quite like this one so now we know and now we must move forward with this knowledge and make it work for us in the future.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Will we be seeing Ch

Will we be seeing Chinese Soldiers Next Door?

This is a very interesting article.  It is an article that some may have missed or brushed off as not to important. This is something that could jump up in our face down the road. Check out this article from the New York Times international section by Juan Forero. One of the things that caught my eye was mention of Chinese Troops and how it might affect drug traffic.
As you may have guessed drugs are a big thing on my hit list. They undermine the future of this country because they are taking away our youth and the crime rate caused by drug importation is horrendous. Of course the illegal trafficking across our WIDE OPEN BORDERS of these drugs is a major concern. One of the new statistics on the movement of drugs and illegal aliens across the border is also overwhelming. Eight percent of all new crime along the border with Mexico is commented by illegal aliens.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I have been keeping up with the FOX news reports on the Mexico Border and am a bit miffed that the New Mexico Governor now thinks he should declare an emergency. I think that all of a sudden the fire has been turned up by the citizens about the issue and these politicians realize they are going to have to come up with different tactics or they just may not make it back into office. One of the things that have been brought out in Florida is astonishing. $4.1 billion spent on illegal immigrants in that state. That is a lot of tax dollars. I know I have mentioned before that .40 out of each dollar spent buy the State of Arizona on medical care, is spent on illegal immigrants. I have a son that had to move him and his wife in with me when he crushed his hand on the job. There was not a lawyer in this town that would take the case although it was company negligence. It was a workers compensation case. By the way workers compensation is to protect the employer not the employee. The state of Arizona would not even give him financial aid in the form of food stamps. He was off work for two years and received $750. for the two years. Now if he had been an illegal immigrant he would have been taken care of. I have very strong feelings about this issue. I continually say we have to wake up. Our country is being meticulously manipulated by this and I do not believe it is accidental. We have seen films on the local news here in Arizona of the night movement across the border and many people were shocked to see the night film of a wave of immigrants walking through the dessert. A line shoulder to shoulder for as far as the camera could focus. This was a nightly occurrence. The violence along the border is horrible. In some of the small towns people will not come out of their homes after dark and if they do they are shot at by the drug lords and the gangs that bring the drugs in through this same area. I am not talking about being shot at with a hand gun I am talking about AK-47 and that kind of equipment. Now that FOX has been airing the news about the borders and the Minute Men it is attracting a lot more attention. Nuevo Laredo which is a border town in Texas is considered on of the most violent towns along the border. This has been a bad place for many years. I can remember when we still lived in Houston my brother-in-law was stationed at an Air Force Base there and the Airmen were not allowed to take their cars across because the drug gangs would watch for the cars with the Air Base Stickers on them. They would plant the drugs on the car and the ones on the US side would watch for them to come back state side. It became a huge problem. Now FOX reports that the last Police Chief in that border town did not even make it for one hour before he was killed by the drug gangs. Sure you might say that is on the other side of the border. Well guess where those drugs are headed and where those gangs are headed to pedal the stuff? This situation is also destroying emergency medical treatment. In certain areas of California they are driving across the border and dropping people off at the emergency room doors, leaving them for treatment. They drop off the pregnant women so the babies can be born over here on our tax money. They are enrolling in our schools and destroying the education system because we have to hire bilingual teachers to teach them. They are causing our auto insurance to go up because they get drivers licenses and drive like they are still in Mexico. They have wrecks run back across the border or just dig in somewhere because they do not have insurance. Here in Arizona they are subsidized in opening businesses and buying homes. There are areas here in Phoenix now that use to be nice clean areas that now look like little Mexico and all of the signs are even in Spanish. WAKE UP PEOPLE we have to stop this. It was just announced that Arizona is the next State to become a minority majority state. Why is this happening? Because the politicians know they can count on that vote. They do not have to prove citizenship to register to vote. DUH! WHY NOT? Contact your congressmen and your senators. Find out how the politician stands on the issues before you help put him in office. Make a stand for ENGLISH ONLY too. This country is wasting an enormous amount of money on printing everything in Spanish and having every other government clerk bilingual. If I drive in to the local Jack in the Box or Burger King and am ask in Spanish what I want I simply drive away. I AM FED UP!

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