Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Where are we headed?This has been a giant learning curve for our country. Yes some things went very wrong. We must take this opportunity to use this as a model to develop new and improved plans for every major city in this country. We as individuals should use it to help us decide what we need to have ready in our homes for a quick get away. Above all we need to realize that in a time of disaster via terrorist or a natural one, we must first count on ourselves and our resources to survive. Just as in time of fire in our homes we must have a plan on what to take and how to get out of the city. These things should be put in an accessible place in our homes and things like batteries should be replaced and kept fresh at all times. I am not panicked over this but I am now much more aware. 9/11 shook me awake and now this has given me more valuable information. I do not think we can afford to be complacent in our daily lives. We need to be prepared. One way to help be prepared is to be more active in our community. Our neighborhood association just recently sent out the information for the FEMA classes that are being offered in Phoenix.My husband and I have already signed up for them. I now have a strong need to know what to do and to be able to carry it out quickly. I was heated when I thought that New Orleans must not have had an adequate evacuation plan. I kept wondering why they had not loaded the people without transportation onto city buses and school buses to take them out of there. When I saw all of those school buses under water, I could not help but wonder why they were even still there. When I learned that the hospitals had not been evacuated, I was appalled. I kept sitting there looking at the TV and thinking how stupid it was. This was not FEMA’s fault. It was the lack of implementing a proper evacuation plan by the city and the state. I do feel FEMA could have moved a little faster. We as a nation have never faced a natural disaster quite like this one so now we know and now we must move forward with this knowledge and make it work for us in the future.


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